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Modern brand measurement for multi-channel growth

Brand measurement your CFO will approve of.
How strong is my Brand?

Understand your digital brand strength based on high-volume user behavior. 100% automated and real-time using digital behavioral data you already understand and trust. No more infrequent, expensive, manual surveys to get an inept measure of "brand awareness" with zero applicability to your business.

How well am I monetizing my Brand?

While building your brand is very important - equally important is making sure you're creating competitive products and getting them in front of your customers when they're ready to buy. We help you understand that balance.

How can I grow, profitably, across all of my sales channels?

Our core data asset is understanding how the overlap of a great brand and great monetization interact to drive growth. Do you need to improve brand strength or improve monetization - or both? How about regionally? How can you most effectively drive Brand or Monetization?

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